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Steve INC.
isweariamsteve Member
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about 1 year ago
Steve Inc.
Steve inc is a new service company in both Rathnir and Eldham, established by Steve 'Orion' Rosi. The company focuses on professionally and inexpensively renaming and loreing items on both worlds, as well as the sale of Drink Recipes (all owned by the sellers) and your favourite pets, CATS and DOGS (every cat type). We also sell custom trees. ====================================
1. Professional item Renaming and Loreing. Everything is possible. Pricing: First item: FREE (1 free renamed and lored item every week)
Extra items: 250$
Logo removal: 500$
2. Cute Pets Cat: 500$ Dog: 250$
3. Drink Recipes Currently 5 recipes for sale, see discord for more info
4. Custom Trees
I can many different types of trees, discuss in the discord which one u want and I will tell a price.
==================================== https://discord.gg/zzBYZ952K6 ====================================

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