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ZenoHUN - Simulami / Hyljaheim
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about 1 year ago

Hi there!

My name is ZenoHUN, and I'm from Eastern-Europe Hungary.
I'm part of the older generation of the server as I'm slowly becoming 24!! years old (Jesus thats a lot).
I love playing video games in my free time, especially anything that involves creativity and building my own ideas.
This is why I've been playing and bought Minecraft since the Beta Piston update and before (1.6.6 Java Beta). I love the game, the whole sandbox structure is my vibe.
I have studied advanced history and geography back in High School, that is where I get my interest of world building and diplomacy.
Stoneworks for me isn't about Minecraft anymore, but the nation building and diplomatic measures itself. I have joined the server early March this year.
When I'm not playing on the server or unite nations I usually explore other fantasy universes, study or work, or be with the love of my life (together since 3+ years).
I love the W40K Universe, played lots of GTA:SA, I DM and Play D&D 5e, love playing tabletop games.

I'm studying to become a informatics-engineer in Data Science/IT Security.
It involves lots of Physics, Matematics, Informatics (ofc), Economics and lots of logical thinkings sometimes I dont really have.
I've been working at a worldwide bank as an IT Infrastructure Trainee for a while, but now due to covid I only study/work past-time.

I love spicy stuff, cheese, Coca Cola. I'm the founder of Krobun, Müvielle (with my friends ofc), and now Simulami on Rathnir/Eldham and Hyljaheim on Kylorne, my first nation was Viodoxa (for 1 day), but truly Wa-hat.

Today you can find me as a Helper going around, or leading my nations.

Hope to share wonderful memories!

Some links for my works:
Wiki Page of ZenoHUN
All Simulami Wiki Pages
Simulami Discord

Hyljaheim Discord

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Staff/Helper - ZenoHUN - MaestroPAPA#1475

Imperare Maestro ZenoHUN - Simulami Empire (Rathnir/Eldham)

Simulami Discord


Turbour Cragaxe - Hyljaheim (Kylorne)

Hyljaheim Discord