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Crownlands of Yaszria
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about 1 year ago

The Crownlands of Yaszria


 Incredible Architecture  

In the great nation of Yaszria, we take inspiration from multiple different cultures which each influence our history, lore, and architecture. In the eastern regions of Yaszria, most buildings will take after Asian architecture. Here you will see large pagoda towers that touch the sky, and roofs that curve to kiss the clouds. However, In western Yaszria, you will see things akin to those of the ancient Byzantine Empire, with the main highlight of the west being a massive tower that pierces the heavens. No matter where you are, Yaszria possesses incredible sights and rich views.


 Fun Activities 

Yaszria has numerous different ways of celebrating a unique history that has built up over the past 7 months. Whether celebrations are held with grand festivals in the capital of Umakwa, or the celebrations are held between a few people in the Kinnomachi Tea House. You can always find something to do in the bustling nation of Yaszria!

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/887553626472595537/983097901955813396/A.jpeg?width=1211&height=670 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/887553626472595537/983097902568190022/C.png?width=1194&height=671 https://discord.gg/4QsYxQKVnK

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