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Join the Duchy of Westmarch in the Kingdom of Alda
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about 1 year ago
Westmarch Needs You!
The Duchy of Westmarch is a large province located in the West of the Kingdom of Alda. Westmarch is covered in desert and savannahs and is known for its budding markets throughout its diverse towns. It is often referred as Alda's trading hub. The Duchy has two towns to choose from:
The capital of Westmarch, Kala is an island city flowing with incredible Mediterranean-themed architecture and houses the Westmarch Government Building. Kala is often referred as 'Alda's Market' due to its many stalls, shops and even the grand Exchange. As well as being a trading hub, the city is known for it's intriguing history as well as its luscious beaches and bustling ports.
Zerith is the conquered capital of Dreondor, being the biggest city by far in Westmarch, and is one of the biggest towns throughout all of Alda. It is a fortress of a city, being mainly built of stone. It has many grand monuments scattered around its vicinity, such as a Colosseum. Zerith is also very big in the dragon hunting and taming business, with its Governor having a dragon himself.
What we offer: 
  • Free, large houses 
  • No Taxes 
  • A large variety of paying jobs 
  • The biggest market places in Alda 
  • A Military that anyone can join 
  • Freedom of Religion 
  • A friendly and active community
Jobs Available: 
  • Fighters 
  • Miners 
  • Builders 
  • Merchants 
  • Government Roles 
  • Lore Writers 
  • Fishermen
Kala, Alda's Market
Zerith, Den of Dragons