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Yunasoda Member
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Since quotes aren't working...
Replying to steve

I know that now, but when i started typing, there was no applications up yet. But thank you!

Yunasoda's Forum Staff Application about 1 year ago

IGN (Minecraft Username): Deadfinfox101

Timezone: EST
Age: 17
How many hours can you dedicate to the Stoneworks Forums a day?:

Jokingly I have no life, so around 3-5 isn't an issue for me.
Why are you applying to become a Forum Staff Member?:

I think it's a great opportunity seeing as it's a new place and I wanted to take the opportunity to step up and be the first to apply. I want to make sure people take the forums seriously and I want to take them seriously too, so what better way to do that just just outright apply to be staff. Stoneworks has a place in my heart, so new things like this are also cool to see, and I want to be apart of making them greater!
What can you contribute to the Forums?:

Knowing how most forums go, I can contribute the usual of simple moderation of reviewing posts and replies, making sure people aren't breaking the guidelines. I can contribute my time to the forums to help make it a safe space for others, as well as an actively staffed forum as well. I can contribute my input as well, on how new updates to the forums are, as well as suggestions on what could be added, as the forum's is in it's barebones state as of right now; fresh out the oven. I gave it a long 10 minute thought before posting this, and so here it is. I want to do something in return for the joy stoneworks has given me(not sarcasm), and so I'm applying to this, as I can give my time in return. Thank you for the opportunity.

Yunasoda's Forum Staff Application about 1 year ago

Alright, on top of that, quoting posts for reply isn't working properly either

I need help with forum edit button. about 1 year ago

Hytale is honestly goated. I really home this minecraft isn't some ripoff Hytale games that we've seen on mobile app stores in the last few years.

Anyone like minecraft? about 1 year ago

I don't know if my post was deleted or not, but from my experience, the edit button on a post leads to a 404 message. I dont know if that's an error or just the forum not registering my post as deleted in case it was. (I hope not)

I need help with forum edit button. about 1 year ago