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kasper01 Member
Shae about 1 year ago
I should have trusted Kapser10 when he said "DON'T OPEN, BEARS INSIDE"
kasper01 about 1 year ago
You can only afford to make that mistake one time
Ljukkti about 1 year ago
gottem B)
kasper01 about 1 year ago
So true king so true
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IGN: kasper01
Suggestion: allow the sending of pictures in Private Messages
How would you like to see this implemented?: right now you cannot send pictures in Private Messages, without this ability how could I possibly share this picture of Athaz venting to my close friends and family?

I don't want everyone to see it he might feel embarrased but what if I want to send it to my grandma over stoneworks forum? Now my grandmother is sad for she will never know that Athaz vented in admin.

Please fix.

Sending of pictures in DMs about 1 year ago

I love minceraft :)

Anyone like minecraft? about 1 year ago

Kylorne would be a lot cooler if I was in it just saying

Kylorne is #1 about 1 year ago


Gaming about 1 year ago

So true so true

Top 5 reasons why blum is cool about 1 year ago